For 2024, the garbage collection charge included on your tax bill is $197.00 per household.  Our pickup day remains Wednesday.  2024 holidays affecting pickup are New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Christmas, pickup is moved to Thursday.  Garbage carts should be curbside by 6:00 AM.

All items must be in the carts; any items left next to the carts will not be picked up.  Pickup is for residential waste - our contract does not include business or yard waste pickup.  Please call Waste Management at 1-888-960-0008 if you have any questions, if your pick-up is missed or for cart repairs. Make sure to use our Customer ID# 000082287672373. If you have trouble after trying, please contact the Clerk’s office.

 On pickup day, your carts should be 3 feet apart with the arrows on the lid pointing to the road.  To avoid damage to property, place the cart at least three feet away from mailboxes, lamp posts, other fixed objects. Place your cart on as level of a surface as possible, but away from low hanging tree branches. Lids should be closed on the carts in order to stop material from spilling or blowing.

If your cart(s) are kept at the end of your driveway on non-pickup days, neither Waste Management or the Town is responsible for any damage or replacement.    

  • *NEW* RECYCLABLES: We have been notified that plastic bags are damaging Waste Management’s recycling equipment.  Going forward, recyclables shall be placed loosely in your cart without using any plastics bags. Plastic grocery or packaging can be dropped in receptables at most grocery stores.  In the future, Waste Management will be assessing a Contamination Charge to property owners for using plastic bags with their recyclables. Paper, shedding, mail, newspapers and like items can be sealed in a paper bag then placed in cart.  All accepted recyclables can be co-mingled in your recyclable container.  More info can be found at


  • GARBAGE: Anything not recyclable. If in doubt, throw items in the garbage.  However, the following items are not accepted curbside: construction debris, furniture, metal items, appliances, cement, tires, E-waste, batteries, oil, hazardous waste, or items exceeding 50 lbs.


  • EWASTE: (As of September 2010) TELEVISIONS, COMPUTERS, MONITORS, KEYBOARDS, MICE, HARD DRIVES, CAMERAS, VCR’S, CELL PHONES, along with other electronics can no longer be disposed of in your garbage. These items must be disposed separately. Please check the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website at: for a more information.


 *NEW* Ewaste items can be taken to Redemption Recycling LLC, 3417 Weeden Creek Rd, Sheboygan.  They are open Monday thru Friday 8am – 3pm (except holidays.)

Items taken for free (as of 11-14-2023) include: Computers, Laptops, Printers, DVD /CD Players, VCRs, Cable Boxes, Routers & Modems, Cell Phones, CRT /Tube TV’s, Flat Screen TVs, Chargers, Headphones, Remotes & Small Appliances.

Items taken for a small fee (as of 11-14-2023) include: Light Bulbs $1-2 each (depending on size), Microwaves, Dehumidifiers, AC units, Mini Fridges, Dishwashers $10, Console, Plasma and Projection TV’s $10, Full size Fridge / Freezers $20, Office Copier $30. Alkaline Batteries $5 per pound.

Please contact them at for a list of accepted items and current pricing.  You can also visit their Facebook page for current Ewaste collection events.